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Lair of Ienos

Very soon, the “Lair of Ienos” will appear in Parna’s Shore near Big Snow Camp. Great Warlock Goraktus of the Fallen Legion sent Ienos over a goal to get unusual familiars so that you can improve and bolster their army. Following paths of bad power present in Parna’s Coast, the Arcanum identified the source—the Lair of Ienos—and you must stop them. Beginning at stage 35, participants may complete a regular quest to enter the lair and defeat Ienos for his Accustomed Control Jewel. Two familiars randomly chosen from a share of elite and heroic monsters will be in his Lair. Participants may then attempt to tame one of many two familiars. Whether you succeed or fail, you will have another possibility the following day to slay Ienos and consider your opportunity at two new familiars.Ienos is tuned so that several players access his lair and of numerous amounts in proficiency can destroy him. This solo dungeon does not take much time to clear, therefore we assume the lair will be beneficial to those people requesting larger entry to familiars from throughout Hakanas, including Exarahn Badlands and Parna’s Shore.

Tritael Rift

In another future update, Competitors and an area referred to as the Tritael Rift will be visiting. the fight between your goddess Ellora and the God of Wreck Zelnaris tore apart Tritael Rift once a flourishing location. Though that combat has long-past, there’s nonetheless constant conflict in the area. Tempest Dragons and the Fallen Legion possess an intend develop an explosion that could give Hakanas asunder and to upset the total amount within the Rift. Them can stop and secure the protection of the empire.An air the area, of orange and green is abundant with power coming in the rift and there is little strong ground that to communicate. Using the blue ocean here, you’ll really make sure sharpen your aerial skills. Though this a vast place, there are pockets of energy to be found where participants can very quickly recover their mount’s energy. Naturally, may also be an extensive number of new and exciting familiars to capture and obtain.

The Breach

Located saturated in the atmosphere of the Tritael Rift, this dungeon is for high level Riders. Below, Supreme Commander Izhora is getting individuals to make an army. Umax and Izhora the Devourer is a greater problem than players have faced before with more and greater interesting approaches necessary to defeat these bosses. Those who vanquish Izhora and are victorious will see armor models and the Supreme Commander tool.

Gusting Isles

Made away since the end-of Light's Conflict, the titan Trauna was a gun utilized by the Lord of Wreck. Today free, players must place a finish to the dangers presented by this returning threat. This 10-player dungeon will drive on your abilities with outstanding equipment awaiting those people who are winning for the limit.

Bug Fixes

Within the development team for Individuals of Icarus, we want to offer material that is fresh and entertaining as quickly as we can. Since we’ve performed this at a very fast rate since Open Beta began, we're quite alert to the number of bugs which exist inside the game and we're currently working on solving these insects along with introducing new content.We listening to player feedback and are also studying the boards. All you publish inside the forums assists us a whole lot in improving Competitors of Icarus. For instance, we saw that there were a good deal of participants attempting to simultaneously tame familiars. Thus, we improved the spawn rate with all the “Like” celebration buff that may persist until the Lair of Ienos update, of which time people will have a way to utilize the lair to ease the worries on buying certain unusual familiars.We noticed feedback to Intense Shot's energy in PvP, and that's why injury was reduced. We also found players’ concerns regarding mounted Competitors fighting unmounted Riders and altered the reliability of mounted attacks that'll decrease the number of fly by kills. These are simply afew samples of how we are currently continuing to create adjustments for the game during this Open Beta testing time.

The Future

The Lair if Tritael Rift, Ienos, and Gusting Islands aren't the sole fresh experiences arriving with the information changes. You will see new methods, attributes, and fixes as we work towards the purpose of continually increasing Competitors of Icarus for several players. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing your feedback and recommendations within the forums.