November Sneak Peek

New familiar features and Lights Banner Festival

November is a month of Light's Banner Festival that we will celebrate in Hakanas. We would love for all players to join us to discover not only new fun events, but also check out new activities for your favorite familiars and pets. You can have a sneaky-sneaky peek to see what awaits all Riders in Icarus Online this november!

Familiar Farm

With so many mounts and pets, we’re letting you coral them together in the new Familiar Farm system. Enter your farm to mix and match familiars as you discover and gain special buffs. You can also select multiple familiars to stay in the farm to gain experience simultaneously.

Familiar Adventure

Now you can send your familiars to do your bidding! They will have their own adventure in dungeons and other particular areas they will acquire bonus rewards if their quests are successful. So lvl them up, stack them with best gear available and send them to meet their Destiny!

Familiar Tempering

We are introducing tempering for your favorite familiars, now you can permanently increase their stats be that speed, stamina, attach power or even altitude now you can temper you maxed out familiars with max level familiar seals.

Light’s Banner Festival Events

This month attendance event will have new exciting rewards for all Riders! We also introduce new world buff that will increase your chance at tempering and drop rate for rare treasures!