A big and most amazing update has come! Only you brave riders can stop the Corruption of Light!

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15th December gonna be a day to remember, as we will be introduced new class - Ranger and also tons of new content: new location - Cloying Wastes, 2 new dungeons - Temple of Sands and Fortress of Sorrows and 50 lvl cap limit with new skills and talents!

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Now we have familiar farm in Riders of Icarus which will make lvling your mounts and pets easier and also you now can send them on their own adventures to get amazing stuff! We also have new legendary mount Tropical Ramphastos available to us, which can be easily tamed by anyone!

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November Sneak Peek

November 12, 2016

November is a month of Lights Banner Festival that we will celebrate in Hakanas. We would love for all players to join us to discover not only new fun events, but also check out new activities for your favorite familiars and pets. You can have a sneaky-sneaky peek to see what awaits all Riders in Icarus Online this november!

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How to tame Terror Kerav

November 04, 2016

We gathered ALL information you need to know to tame this amazing familiar Terror Kerav, from what items you need how to find them or craft them to what tactics to use to tame this Heroic Beast!

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